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Select Milling, LLC is food waste processing company working with many types of products including: food bi-products, liquid materials, dry stream, and packaged foods. Learn more


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Waste Processing

Select Milling has the equipment and personnel to safely, efficiently and responsibly dispose of your waste food materials. We can provide custom carts and equipment to suit your needs that are designed and built in our shop at our facility.

Food Bi-Products

We work with many types of food materials in our food waste process. Our representative will help you tailor a program to meet the specific needs of your food products and ingredients. Select Milling can operate and service plants within a 350 mile radius of Claremont. That includes Chicago, Milwaukee, Fargo, Grand Forks, Iowa, Illinois and Northern Missouri.

Liquid Materials

Select Milling is capable of handling any liquid or viscous material that has legitimate feed value for livestock. We have a nutritionist who provides input and formulas for creating suitable blends for our livestock operation. This includes food waste from ice creams, milk products, most beverage products and other slurries with reasonable solids and nutritional content. When compared to disposing of products in landfills, working with Select Milling can reduce costs.

Dry Materials

Most dry products can be milled and blended to produce a feed that is suitable for our livestock’s nutritional requirements. Our sifting and separating equipment can blend your packaged or bulk material, while providing certificates of destruction to suit your needs.

Packaged Foods

We also process and dispose of packaged food products, depending on the food product material and the type of packaging involved. Our representative can work with you to create a program and a cost structure that is efficient, competitive and provides value.

To learn more about how the services we offer for processing and managing food waste materials can benefit your business, reduce costs and help protect the environment, contact Select Milling. We will be glad to answer your questions and show you how you may benefit from working with us.